Course Name Description
First Aid 1 This course is for persons who are responsible to apply basic first aid in a workplace. Persons credited with this course are able to:
– Assess the emergency situation.
– Identify the physical condition of casualties.
– First aid treatment of casualties.
Fire Fighting Persons credited with this course are able to practically demonstrate knowledge of fire and repellents, knowledge of the application, construction and operation of hand operated fire fighting equipment.
Environmental Awareness A person credited with this course will be able to:
– Show a sensitivity to the protection of the environment.
– Recognise the dangers of pollution.
– Apply the preventative practices to minimize pollution.
– Utilize the environmental protective principles in landscape maintenance.
Develop/Implement SHE Management System This course requires learners to be able to apply Safety, Health and Environment principles which will enable them to design, implement and maintain quality management programmes related to health, safety, and environment.

Learners credited with this course will be capable of:
– Discussing fundamental issues pertaining to occupational safety, health and environment.
– Demonstrating an understanding of Safety Theories and Principles.
– Applying the fundamentals of Risk Management.
– Applying safety, health and environment management systems.