Executive Summary

We have discovered this opportunity through a general media channel.
We then saw the potential and benefit for growth and expansion within
the existing market to development into a local market for the benefit
of South Africans to improve their skills and increase employment.

International Continued Professional Development

Short Skills Courses -providing , value for money, service based and applicable
to all clients, Employment creativity, bridging the gap, countries requirements.
Our Management team will be structured according to a SLA formality i.e.
management courses, ohs courses, hospitality courses, social life skills,
which is currently in place with an opportunity to create jobs for the
development and expansion of Radcon Training within the next 5-10 years.

ROSHEC Training has been in existence for more than 2 years and has built a
solid client base, trust within the local community and a reputable name in
creditable training. References are available upon request.

New Product Development

To Increase revenue by the following:
-Rate review according to market segment and competitors.
-Charge rates, as per person per course.
-Use revenue channels like direct marketing, existing clients, brochures, media to
increase national and international awareness.

Goals & Objectives

-Long-term Sales/Production Goals and objectives:
-Develop individuals and open courses to the public, catering mainly for
unemployed individuals through basic skills development and short courses.
-Increase advertising through aggressive and assertive advertising campaigns via
newspapers, media, pamphlets, internet, exhibitions and shows within the area.
(objective- to increase productivity and revenue.)

Total Customer Segment Valuation